“Revealed: The Copy & Paste System That Has So Far Made Over $300,000 AND Built a List of 120,000”

You've been working TOO HARD.  Make FACEBOOK give you the best audiences, best traffic, and best results of your life.

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Social CPA Academy
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"Who Are We?"

Two years ago, Jason decided to take his online hobby into a full-time 6-figure business. And he did it by doing something that not many other people do: reverse engineering other people's success, in a calculated, machine-like fashion. He built a spying system, a set of well-documented and tested procedures, and kicked off his research.

Using his system, Jason found a company that was already very successful within a popular niche, and he reverse-engineered their entire funnel. In his first test, he spent $5 a day and made back $15, while building his list for free. Needless to say he was immediately hooked, so he scaled his system and went on to make an incredible $300,000 and built a list of 120,000 subscribers in the process.

We (Stephen and Greg) first met Jason in 2015, and we knew he had something big. Jason owes his success to CPA (Cost Per Action), which simply means that you can get paid when your visitor completes a simple action, such as filling out their name email address or agreeing to a free sample of a product. Pretty easy, right? Much easier than selling.

Jason has never sold his methods before, because he didn't need to. But we knew it was something that could be replicated by others who are struggling to achieve the same success. So it took us over 6 months to convince Jason to share his system. And now finally we want to share this system with you. All you have to do is join us inside Social CPA Academy.

When it comes to using Facebook and CPA to drive traffic and make sales, you’re probably in one of three categories:

No matter which category you find yourself in…

Social CPA Academy is by far the most PROVEN, REVOLUTIONARY, “INSIDER” training that we GUARANTEE will take you to that next level… Even if you have:

noNo Experience

noNo Niche

noNo Product

noNo Website

noNo Content

noNo List


We Will NEVER Fill Your Head With CRAP!

Instead of making a bunch of hype-y promises with NO substance behind them…

Instead of talking about “feelings” rather than RESULTS…

We want to dive right into the heart of the matter, the thing you REALLY care about as you decide to join us inside Social CPA Academy…

WHY is Social CPA Academy your very best chance to achieve your income dreams with the power of Facebook Ads and CPA?

We use REVERSE ENGINEERING to practically GUARANTEE conversions of every campaign... and scale UP!

Social CPA Academy uses the most POWERFUL (& underutilized) form of marketing research... REVERSE ENGINEERING!

Using our SECRET research techniques, you will be able to find profitable CPA campaigns with the precision of a surgeon... Then test them like a pro quickly and cheaply to confirm it's a winner.

And once we have the campaign setup, we use Facebook to hand you the most INSANE results you can ever ask for… these people will GOBBLE UP whatever you offer and make your ads more successful than ever.

And you never have to create your own product, sales page, blindly enter a niche, burn money on ineffective ads, or feel confused about anything, ever again! That is not just our GUARANTEE, but our SOLEMN PROMISE.

What Sets Social CPA Academy LIGHTYEARS Ahead? We’ll Reveal How To Milk Facebook Dry For Millions Of Clicks. So it's not a surprise…

That When You Combine Facebook Traffic and Double-Digit CPA Conversions… The Results Are Better Than Anything Else Ever. Period.

Social CPA Academy is a 12 module video course that you will be able to instantly access
from your private members’ area.

Inside Social CPA Academy, You’ll Discover:

How to start up a campaign in a niche you know nothing about from SCRATCH and follow along with us. If you’ve ever wanted someone to take you by the hand, and lead you to results, this is it. We’ll both set up campaigns in about an hour and a half total. You and us.

Effortless CPA Commissions: Make hands-free CPA cash within minutes of setting up your first campaign using our formula

Copy-Paste Traffic: Easily drive targeted visitors to your offers by copying proven ads (we'll show you how).

Why we can give you a 110% guarantee that all you have to do is TAKE ACTION to get some of the most insane results of your life. Nothing else is so proven and so FAST.

Get PAID to build your list with top converting funnels and pages, then enjoy long-term list building profits.

How to start with NO content of your own, NO customers of your own, NO list, NO connections… nothing but an Internet connection and the desire to make it happen.

Scale & Optimize: Use our 'Secret Sauce' to maximize your profits by scaling winning campaigns for the highest possible ROI

How I drove over 1,000,000 clicks starting with a tiny $5 ad spend on a Facebook ad that I didn’t even have to invent myself! (Curious about more stats? My starting budget was a cheap $5/day, cost per conversion $1.20 - $1.60, payout per conversion $2-$3, all that while building a list).

Eliminate risk: See how to ride the winners and ditch the losers to ensure long-term profit

How to infiltrate the little-known CPA niches WITHOUT ever making costly mistakes of "testing".

Results From Applying These Methods:

You can get them too! Just make the wise choice to try Social CPA Academy right now.

It’s probably crystal clear that Social CPA Academy is…

The Most Unique & Powerful Facebook and CPA Training In Years

No one else is telling you how to correctly reverse engineer campaigns that are ALREADY successful... Noone else is showing you how to really profit immediately while building your list. To the tune of spending $1.20 per conversion, yet making $2.50 - $3.00 in income per conversion... No one else is (ethically) tapping into thousands of proven successful campaigns that are hiding right in front of your eyes.

And no one else is showing you how to get the easiest conversions you'll likely ever see, in niches full of HUNGRY buyers.

That’s why we want to do everything in our power to make sure you get your hands on these secrets today.

So, when you decide to join us during our Grand Opening Special for Social CPA Academy, you'll do so saving $100 off the retail price.


  • Complete PDF Course
  • Complete 12-Module Video Course
  • Enthusiastic and Friendly 24/7 Support
  • Bonus Module and Bonus Content
Social CPA Academy

Our Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee

guaranteeDecide to try Social CPA Academy today risk-free and save $100 off the retail price.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the training you’ll receive inside Social CPA Academy… If you only set up 10 profitable campaigns, and you wanted to set up 11… Or for any other reason at all, you’re not thrilled…

All you’ll have to do is click your mouse one time withing 7 days of purchase to receive an immediate, complete, no-questions-asked refund of your investment today.

The risk is on us to prove that Social CPA Academy does everything we say it will.

And we cannot WAIT to prove that to you as soon as you join us inside your private members’ area.

Just like we’ve proved it time and time again:

Saying “No” To Social CPA Academy Is NOT Saving $27.00

It’s Lighting THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Dollars On FIRE

Think about it… You’ve probably wanted to have greater success for a long time. You’ve wanted some sort of “edge” that can help you get there… You don’t want to compete with the same tired ads in the same exhausted niches… You’ve been looking high and low for something different, unique, powerful, and proven.

Here it is. Staring you in the face.

It’s Social CPA Academy, and it's 100% RISK FREE. Don’t you owe it to yourself to TRY it out? To TRY out your first ad in about 3 minutes from now.. and just SEE how it does?

What if it works?

Might that be the beginning of a whole new era for you? One where money flows into your life more easily than ever… One where you have a business that WORKS, that you are proud of?

All of this is on the table right now for the taking… for the RISK-FREE taking…

If we don’t live up to our end of the deal, you get every penny of your investment back, and you’ve only spent a maximum of 1 hour giving Social CPA Academy a try.

But if it does work… just like it's worked for us… Then your life can change forever. Just like it did for us.

That’s what we work overtime to help you do. We are here for you.

Join us inside Social CPA Academy right now, saving $100, accessing a completely risk-free deal, and see it for yourself.

Click the button below to join us right now.

But We’re Not Done Yet!

When you grab Social CPA Academy today we’ll also include the following exclusive bonus:

BONUS: Building Out The Back End - Email Marketing Profit Maximizer

  • How to create a winning email follow up series that drives commissions
  • The art of the daily email for long term profits

This EXCLUSIVE training has been prepared by Stephen Gilbert, known as one of the TOP email marketers in the industry.

He charges private clients THOUSANDS to share his methods…

But as a special launch bonus, he’s sharing his top secrets as part of the package.


  • Complete PDF Course
  • Complete 12-Module Video Course
  • Enthusiastic and Friendly 24/7 Support
  • Bonus Module and Bonus Content
Social CPA Academy

Traffic on demand:

Easily drive targeted visitors to your offers by copying proven ads (we'll show you how).

Effortless CPA Commissions:

Make hands-free CPA cash within minutes of setting up your first campaign using our formula

List Building:

Get PAID to build your list with top converting funnels and pages, then enjoy long-term list building profits.

Scale & Optimize:

Use our 'Secret Sauce' to maximize your profits by scaling winning campaigns for the highest possible ROI

Easy Automation:

Discover how to outsource your entire business for passive income.

Inside the numbers:

Maximize your revenues by matching the right traffic to the right offers

Eliminate risk:

See how to ride the winners and ditch the losers to ensure long-term profit

Rinse & Repeat:

Use these same methods to maximize returns on any campaign

Maybe, like us and many others, you’ve been sold a bill of goods on “push button profit” methods that did nothing but drain your bank account.

Possibly you’ve jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon, only to find out it’s WAY HARDER to profit with than you’ve been told.

Or you’re still struggling to build a list without losing your shirt.

Maybe you’re ready to completely throw in the towel? Don’t do it!

You’re SO CLOSE And It’s Never Been Easier To Profit Online!

Inside Social CPA Academy, you’ll discover the ONE secret that holds everyone back: how to MASTER traffic.

Then how to turn that traffic into hands-free profits for both fast cash and LONG term, evergreen revenue.

From an EXPERT that created a system FROM NOTHING and has built his list to over 120K subscribers, while making over 300K in commissions, in 18 short months…

Who is this for?

New marketers or those looking to make their first dollars online - with over the shoulder training and a PROVEN system, this could be YOUR breakthrough

Experienced marketers looking to diversify with an EASY, RELIABLE second income stream that ISN’T eCommerce or something they’ve seen before

Current CPA & Affiliate marketers after new methods and proven traffic sources

Social media marketers and ANYONE looking to drive traffic with Facebook

List builders searching for ways to build their list WHILE getting paid to do it

eComm vendors looking to finally unlock the code to running POSITIVE ROI campaigns for consistent results

Anyone WITHOUT a lot of time or a big budget to get started: start seeing results in under 30 minutes per day and as little as $5 to get rolling


  • Complete PDF Course
  • Complete 12-Module Video Course
  • Enthusiastic and Friendly 24/7 Support
  • Bonus Module and Bonus Content
Social CPA Academy

P.S.  It's time to make a choice. Do you want a method PROVEN to make both fast commissions AND long term income? Finally master FB traffic to get top results in ANY business? All while creating a MASSIVE list of subscribers you can market to long term? If your answer to ANY of these questions is yes, it’s time to take action.

Remember, this offer is only available for 3 days to prevent competition. When time's up, this is gone, and the next time it comes back it's going to be 10 times the price.

P.P.S. The HEAVILY DISCOUNTED price will be rising each day during this launch. So lock in EVERYTHING for the lowest possible investment by hitting the button below now!


Will this work for me if I’ve never done CPA before?

This method will work for anyone who takes action and follows instructions, regardless of experience.

Can this method ever get saturated?

No chance at all! We’re dealing with one of the largest, fastest growing traffic sources on the planet. And operating in niches commonly ignored by CPA marketers.

Do I need a big budget to get started?

Nope - we show how set up your first campaigns for as little as $5 per day. Then how to scale up, but ONLY once you’re already making money.

Can I use the list I build to promote stuff other than CPA?

Absolutely! The list you’ll be building is YOUR asset and you can promote to it in any way you like.

What makes this program different from other CPA courses?

Lots, but let’s keep it simple. We share not just how to make quick CPA commissions, but also how to build a profitable list for long term profits. We share recommended niches that are largely untapped with unlimited income potential. And the complete FB traffic methods covered will let you tap into the hottest traffic online that you can use for this, or any other method.



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